Founded in 2016, Piaffe Presents is a members club for the aspiring equestrian. It is home to innovative content from some of the most interesting and iconic figures from around the world, who all share a passion for the world of the horse. There are so many inspiring individuals in equestrianism and this is something for us to be proud of and to celebrate and we want to do that here. For anyone thinking of learning to ride a horse thorough to those riding at a professional level, we hope their stories will inspire our members and your journeys.

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As a member, we will give you access into the training techniques of riders, their horses and their homes and will post training content with written interviews and insight pieces throughout the week.

On Sundays, you can enjoy one on one interviews with inspiring and interesting individuals from across the equestrian world. 


CHARLOTTE DUJARDIN CBE is an elite British dressage rider and the most successful British dressage rider in the history of the sport. She is the winner of all major titles and world records and has been described as the most influential dressage rider of her era.

Riding Valegro, she currently holds the complete set of the available individual elite dressage titles; the individual Olympic freestyle, World freestyle and Grand Prix Special, World Cup individual dressage and European freestyle and Grand Prix Special titles. Dujardin is the first, and to date only, rider to hold this complete set of titles at the same time.


Alan is a globally renowned groom tasked with the care and well being of some of the greatest dressage horses in the world today. He has been in this role since he left school having always had a love of horses and a desire to take care of them from the outset. Now he travels the world and is an integral part in the success of Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin He is loved by all and cited by many as the inspirational 'face' of the industry. 



Piaffe Presents was founded as a subsidiary project of the Management and Strategic Consultancy company, Piaffe Limited founded by Abby Newell. Piaffe was initially set up as a  to manage the business affairs and 'PR' of Charlotte Dujardin OBE. Now full time with the company, Piaffe has continued to grow into a reputable consultancy for clients within sport, entertainment and beyond. Abby graduated from University where she studied both in the UK and in Spain, to move to New York City in 2003, where she learnt the art of marketing and public relations under the expert guidance of Sally Fischer, CEO of SFPR; a relationship she is still humbled to have to this day. 

On her return to the UK she spent several years working in music publishing for renowned companies such as BMG and Universal before moving onto major record label, Sony Music. Here she held a senior position in Synchronisation team for four years, pitching and licensing recordings to clients in advertising, film, television and gaming which allowed her to gain an in depth knowledge and contact base across multiple sectors including within advertising and creative agencies.

A contract role with Warner Bros Film followed, leading her to a two year stint at a Creative Advertising Agency, that specialised in the marketing some of the most prolific entertainment IP in the world including Downton Abbey, the Bond franchise, Hunger Games and many more. The work of the agency entertains millions of eyes everyday and this experience and understanding of crafting such high profile campaigns allowed Abby to introduce the power and effectiveness of creative communications to the sectors of sport, entertainment, and a multitude of brands that she works with through Piaffe. She now extends this to the Piaffe Presents platform and is passionate about creating it as a brand in its own right, delivering world class, innovative content and events to the equine enthusiast Contact:


Su Burrows is an avid tech enthusiast.  Initially working in the Northwest, Su then sought promotion and made her migration to the South of England.  Over the following eight years, Su had a very successful career in Technical Support and IT Management, managing top-level technical teams and large technical projects, before founding her own IT Consultancy business in 2008.  Her passion for how technology can help equestrians, together with a love of photography and videography drove her to start Desk Jockeys with her business partner in 2011.  After 2 years, in late 2013, Su took over the business entirely.  Desk Jockeys provides quality videography, photography of equestrian events and also organises equestrian training clinics with a variety of trainers / riders across the South East.
Su has a wealth of experience, having provided photography and videography services at both her own events organised by Desk Jockeys, and by other equestrian event organisers (Lakeside EC, TTT Trust) with trainers / riders including Charlotte Dujardin, Arthur Kottas, Charles de Kunffy, Herwig Radnetter, Stephen Clarke, Miguel Raläo, Nuno Baptista, Debby Lush, Lizzie Murray and Ginny Howe.  
Along with her in depth knowledge and experience in all things technical and equestrian videography, Su brings her ability to communicate and inspire others and an insatiable appetite and enthusiasm for all things relating to equestrianism.



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